You have the best car that satisfies your desires and think of nothing else but how happy you are. Several days later you want to listen to some great music while on the road by cranking up the volume a notch higher. Then you realize that what you have are not the best car speakers. The rattling that comes with the vehicle default speakers is not what you should subject yourself to.

At this point, you will realize that car manufactures primary interest is not the audio system but the functionality of the car. If you want to have the best sound for your car, you must be looking for the best option in the market right now. I will take you through the available options and help you make an informed decision when it comes to sound.


Factors To Consider When Buying Car Speakers​

Like any other things that you would want to buy, there are some important things to look for that goes beyond the basic functionality of a speaker. For speakers, you will have to look for sound quality, cost, materials used and probably reviews.​

Quality Of Sound​

Sound quality is determined the output value of the speaker. Speakers with the best frequency range will give you the best quality. Every speaker has a predetermined frequency range. The wider the range, the more capable the speaker is in producing quality sound. Frequency ranges are in the regions of 10 to 20,000 Hertz. All you have to do is to test and pick a sound range that is appropriate for you.​

Another pointer towards sound quality is the sensitivity rating. Sensitivity is the number of sounds that can come out of the speaker in a given time scale.​

Materials Used​

Good speakers are determined by the quality of materials used for the speaker components. Speakers may be static but have a lot of movements during vibrations caused by playing music. The best materials will ensure the longevity of your speakers. There are some specific materials that when used on a speaker will give a particular type of sound. For example, silk produces that cool sound, ceramic will give you a popping sound, polypropylene gives that bass sound, and materials like rubber and fiber are used to enhance or amplify the sound coming from the speakers.

Quality materials are the ones that can withstand different temperature changes, rust, and moisture.​

Your Attachment to The Car​

The kind of speakers that you install on your car changes the value of your car. If you get quality speakers even for an old car, you will not stop getting the attention and envy from fellow car enthusiasts.​

Power Handling​

Go for speakers that utilize power effectively. Power and sensitivity go hand in hand. Using these two will give you the impedance of a speaker. For instance, if you are looking at a speaker with an impedance of 8 Ohms, that speaker will need at least 1 Watt of power from the amplifier. The guiding principle here is that for every increase or decrease in sensitivity, the amount of power needed by the speaker goes up or down accordingly. If you are a fan of high volume, then you will go for a speaker with high power rating.​

Types of Speaker​

There are basically two types of speakers, the component, and the co-axial speakers. If you see a speaker with a woofer and at least two tweeters inbuilt that is a co-axial speaker. They are normally two-way speakers meaning that the high profile sounds are produced by the tweeter while the low and midrange sound come from the woofer. The higher the number of tweeters in a co-axial system determines which tweeter will produce high sounds with different frequencies.​

The Co-axial speakers have the woofer and tweeters form a single sound unit and does not require many configurations. The only problem with these speakers is that sound seem to come from one source and there is a lot of signal cancellations.​

For your car, I would recommend the component speakers because you need to split sound that can be heard from all corners of the car without distortion.

The Brand​

Sometimes product brands may fail us. But some speakers have stood the test of time and have been considered to be the first choice speakers for any new car enthusiast. High-end brands compete in the market, which is a good thing because all you have to do is to go for a brand that offers what you want for your car.


The inbuilt car stereo cannot provide enough power to your upgraded speakers. This calls for a matching amplifier that will feed the speakers with the right amount of power. Using the wrong amplifier could damage your new investment.

Speaker Size​

They come in varying sizes but the most common sizes used in cars are the 6.5 and 6x9-inch speakers. The 6.5 are a perfect fit for door installations while the 6x9 inches are the ones you will see on the rear deck.

Speaker Bracket​

The brackets may not seem important but when you buy speakers and realize that they do not fit on your car mounting locations, you will need them.The good thing about brackets is you can fit any size of speakers because they are a universal fit.​

Warranty and Support​

Always buy speakers from reputable dealers who offer good customer support and realistic product warranty. Should you have any problems, getting in touch with your dealer should not be a cat and mouse game.

Your Budget​

Your financial plan determines the kind of speakers that you will be able to get for your car. Speaker prices vary depending on many other factors such as materials used and probably the brand name. Sometimes the more money you spend on a speaker does not guarantee that you will have the best car speakers. Depending on your financial strength go for speakers whose prices are reasonable in line with the quality you are after.​

The Best Car Speakers in 2018

I have sampled the best car speakers in 2017 based on Amazon best sellers list and customer reviews. I hope that at the end of this review you will be able to make an informed choice on the speaker you truly want.​

1. Boss Audio CH6520


The Boss Audio CH6520 is another full range 6.5-inch 2-way speaker that come in a pair. It is rated at a maximum of 250 watts. Each pair has a 125 RMS power handling capacity. It has a frequency response range of 18 to 100 Hz and a system sensitivity of 90 dB. it has a Poly injection woofer cone and a rubber surrounding to give the best bass sound. Each speaker has an inbuilt tweeter.

The speaker cone has special materials that enable maximum flexibility during the performance to produce the best surround experience. The speaker is surrounded by a foam that I said to last for between 8 to 16 years. The durable form gives the Boss Audio CH6520 the ability to control undesirable movements that may interfere with the speaker’s performance.​


  • Plastic polymer construction guarantee durability
  • The speaker is resistant to corrosion because of the materials used
  • The voice coils are made from light aluminium for best sound
  • No need for an amplifier
  • Great bass performance


  • It has an extended wiring system that makes installation tedious
  • Some report rattling sound when playing loud music
BOSS Audio CH6520 Car Speakers - 250 Watts Of Power Per Pair And 125 Watts Each, 6.5 Inch, Full Range, 2 Way, Sold in Pairs, Easy Mounting
2817 Reviews
BOSS Audio CH6520 Car Speakers - 250 Watts Of Power Per Pair And 125 Watts Each, 6.5 Inch, Full Range, 2 Way, Sold in Pairs, Easy Mounting
  • CONE: Made From Polyurethane, The CH6520 6.5 Inch Car...
  • VOICE COIL: Our Voice Coils Are Able To Withstand High...
  • SURROUND: We Use Rubber In A Lot Of Our Speakers. It Has The...
  • WARRANTY: BOSS Audio Systems Provides a Powerful 3 Year...

Last update on 2019-05-30 PST - Details

2. Pyle PL63BL 3-Way Speakers


The Pyle PL63BL 3-Way Speakers is bought in pairs each speaker with a frequency range of 90Hz to 20 KHhz. It has grilles and cable mounting hardware. The woofer has a blue poly injection cone with butyl rubber surround and an ASV voice coil. It is a 6.5-inch triaxial speaker with a rating of 360 Watts peak power handling. For the midrange tones, the speaker is fitted with a one-inch neodymium film dome and a three-quarter inch piezo tweeter.

It has an inbuilt magnetic structure that power the speakers giving it the defined range and frequency response. With a mounting depth of almost two inches, and an impedance of 4 Ohms the Pyle Blue Label Series Speakers will provide quality sound at a very good price.


  • Carries both high, mid and low range frequencies
  • Butyl rubber ensures that your speakers are durable by holding speaker in position during vibrations
  • Low distortion
  • Good price range


  • Does not fit in standard speaker mountings
  • Does not give the best sound at low and high volumes
Pyle 6.5'' Three Way Sound Speaker System - Round Shaped Pro Full Range Triaxial Loud Audio 360 Watt Per Pair  w/ 4 Ohm Impedance and 3/4'' Piezo Tweeter for Car Component Stereo PL63BL
3226 Reviews
Pyle 6.5'' Three Way Sound Speaker System - Round Shaped Pro Full Range Triaxial Loud Audio 360 Watt Per Pair w/ 4 Ohm Impedance and 3/4'' Piezo Tweeter for Car Component Stereo PL63BL
  • TRIAXIAL SPEAKER SYSTEMS: The 6.5 inch woofer features an...
  • LOW IMPEDANCE: Pyle 4 ohm component audio speaker...
  • MIDRANGE TWEETER: Pyle pro three way sound speaker system...
  • DEFINITE STRUCTURE: The 20 oz. magnet structure, 1"...
  • POWERFUL FEATURES: The non-fatiguing butyl rubber surround...

Last update on 2019-05-30 PST - Details

3. JVC CS J620 2 Way Car Speakers, Set of 2


JVC speakers are known for their clarity and super sound. The JVC CS J620 6.5 inch 2-way speaker will form a perfect fit on the speaker mountings. Each of the speakers has a rating of 300 watts peak performance and a 30 Watt RMS power handling capability. They are fitted with a 1-inch Poly-Ether Imide on the dome tweeters to give out the best quality from the high higher notes. The sensitivity is set at 92 dB and an impedance of 4 Ohms. The JVC CS J620 speaker has a frequency range of 35 to 22,000 Hertz.


  • Easy to mount due to the shallow mount settings
  • High-quality sound
  • You get two speakers for the price of one
  • No wiring harness needed to install the speakers


  • Not good for mid-range frequencies
  • They have no bass sound
JVC CS-J620 300W 6.5' CS Series 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers, Set of 2
423 Reviews
JVC CS-J620 300W 6.5" CS Series 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers, Set of 2
  • 6.5" CS Series 2-Way Car Speakers
  • Power Handling: Peak: 300 watts / RMS: 30 watts
  • Mica cone ; Ferrite Magnet-Woofer and Neodymium Magnet...
  • Hybrid Rubber and Cloth surround
  • 1" Poly-Ether Imide balanced dome tweeter

Last update on 2019-05-30 PST - Details

4. Pioneer TS-A1676R 6.5 Inch 3 Way Speaker


Pioneer TS-A1676R A-Series is made from a lightweight elastic polymer surround with a multi-layer mica matrix cone that brings out the power of sound through its 3-way speaker system. It has an improved bass, a dynamic range, and a high power handling capacity. From the product page, it is said to be the best speaker that can replace your factory ones.

The tweeters are designed to deliver improved range of mid to high frequencies at higher volumes. The elastic polymer build ensures high sensitivity and the heat resistant voice coil can withstand playing for a long time without sound distortion. The speaker has a cooling basket that increases the cooling to improve power handling.


  • Produces loud and clear sound
  • They have better range, clarity, and bass
  • Wider sound dispersion
  • Good quality bass


  • You need special wiring harness to install the speakers
Pioneer A Series 6.5” 320 Watts Max 3-Way Car Speakers Pair with Fiber Cone Midrange and 6-1/2” Multi-Fit Installation Adapters Included w/ FREE ALPHASONIK EARBUDS
770 Reviews

Last update on 2019-05-30 PST - Details

5. Rockford Fostgate Punch P1683


The speaker manufacturers say that this is the best speaker you can have if you want to listen to listen to every word of your favourite music. The intricate design is appealing even for seasoned speaker fanatics. The speaker has all the essential components i.e. the woofers, tweeters, and crossovers are separated which is meant to make it a little pricey while at the same time able to deliver a true surround system.

The tweeters are made of polyetherimide which is a unique plastic that is able to resist heat at high temperatures. This speaker has an ideal tweet you will ever want in a car. The Rockford Fostgate Punch P1683 will deliver the best high-frequency sound with the best quality. The injection moulded polypropylene woofer will produce the best bass sounds in the mid and lower range frequencies.

The speaker has a frequency response of 60-22,000 Hertz making it able to cover a wide range of frequencies without a problem. Many buyers will say that this is one of the best component speakers that will not disappoint. With an RMS range of 5 to 60 watts, it will have a peak performance at 120 watts.​


  • Plastic design makes it lighter without compromising sound quality
  • The best surround system
  • Wide range of frequencies are supported with clarity


  • All plastic design means low peak power threshold
  • Tweeter may be heard to scratch when playing high volume
Rockford Fosgate P1683 Punch 6'x8' 3-Way Full Range Speaker (Pair)
1621 Reviews
Rockford Fosgate P1683 Punch 6"x8" 3-Way Full Range Speaker (Pair)
  • FlexFit basket design
  • OEM adapter plate included
  • PEI dome tweeter
  • Nominal Impedance (Ohms):4-Ohm
  • 6-by-8-inch three-way speaker with 130 watts maximum power...

Last update on 2019-05-30 PST - Details


Going by the specifications of the different speakers highlighted here getting the right speaker is no mean task. The new words will leave a first-time buyer mesmerized the same way an experienced buyer will run out of options. When you are looking for the best car speakers, the only way to find out is to listen to the speaker yourself.​

If you are looking for the best quality bang, why not try Rockford Fostgate P1683 or the Pioneer TS-A1676R A-Series. These two speakers are competing in low and mid ranges and can really give a good bang when all you need is a surround system. Be sure to spend some good money for a matching quality. While on the lower end the Pyle Blue Label Series Speakers will provide quality sound at a very good price.

The JVC CS J620 6.5 inch 2-way speaker comes in doubles the same as the Boss Audio CH6520, comparing the two JVC is easy to mount compared to the Boos Audio which has a complicated wiring system.​

I hope that the article has been able to educate you on different car speaker systems. Now you can take the bold step and decide if you will go with either Rockford Fostgate p1683 or the Pioneer TS-A Series. But in our review, there has to be one winner and Pioneer TS-A1676R A-Series takes it as the best car speaker you can rely on because of its clarity even in high volumes.​

Feel free to share the post and share your views in the comments section!​

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