Best 10 inch Subwoofer 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best 10 inch subwoofer

There are quite a lot of differences between a regular speaker and a subwoofer. One should never be mistaken for the other. Although a sub woofer is also a speaker, its, functions are quite different to that of a regular speaker. These little devices are exclusively designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds. Irrespective of whether you want to tune into a soothing melody or heavy metal, sub woofers are able to give excellent audio experience. This is the very reason why many people would rather invest in the best 10 inch subwoofer as against a regular speaker.

BOSS Audio CXX10 800 Watt, 10 Inch, Single 4 Ohm Voice Coil Car Subwoofer
Boss Audio Systems, Inc. - Wireless Phone Accessory
from $16.36
Pyle PLPW10D 10-Inch 1000 Watt Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer
Sound Around - Wireless Phone Accessory
$26.77 - $2.17 $24.60
Rockford Fosgate R2D4-10 Prime R2 DVC 4 Ohm 10-Inch 250 Watts RMS 500 Watts Peak Subwoofer
Rockford Fosgate - Wireless Phone Accessory - English
Rockford Fosgate P1S4-10 Punch P1 SVC 4 Ohm 10-Inch 250 Watts RMS 500 Watts Peak Subwoofer
Rockford Fosgate - Wireless Phone Accessory - English

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Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best shallow mount subwoofer

Where it is not possible to install a full sized speaker, a shallow mount subwoofer can provide the same results, only at a much greater convenience. These self-contained units have the capacity to provide a deep bass experience coupled with a truly immersive music experience. The best shallow mount subwoofer will not even take up a very large space. You can place them just anywhere, in the box or under the seats without utilizing too much of the storage or passenger area. Even the most critical audiophiles will not be less appreciative of the great audio system further enhanced with a heavy pounding bass.

Rockford Fosgate R2 Ultra Shallow 10-Inch 4 Ohm DVC Subwoofer
Rockford Fosgate - Wireless Phone Accessory - English
$65.47 - $0.48 $64.99
Skar Audio EV-10MB S4 10" Single 4-Ohm 400W Shallow Mount Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure
Skar Audio - Wireless Phone Accessory
$89.95 - $5.24 $84.71
Rockford Fosgate P3SD4-10 Punch P3S 10-Inch 4-Ohm DVC Shallow Subwoofer
Rockford Fosgate - Wireless Phone Accessory - English
Pioneer TS-SWX3002 12" Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure
Pioneer Electronics USA Inc - Electronics
$128.63 - $0.05 $128.58
MTX Audio FPR12-04 Shallow Mount Subwoofer
Mitek Corporation - Wireless Phone Accessory - English
$199.95 - $70.00 $129.95

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Best 6.5 Speakers 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best 6.5 speakers

Tired of your factory-made speakers and want to give a new lease of life to your car audio. Enjoy your every-day drive by installing the best 6.5 speakers to your car. These 6.5 speakers are specially designed for automobiles to provide a new audio experience with its high definition sound and it comes with two speakers, a woofer, and a tweeter. Even you play your favorite song at full volume, you don’t feel any sound distortion as the frequency levels are higher than other speakers.

Brake Line Repair: How to Bleed ABS Module without Scan Tool

how to bleed abs module without scan tool

Modern cars are fitted with automatic brakes that are designed to use brake fluids and a pressure system. Because the brake fluid from time to time may attract some moisture, this may lessen the impact of the brake pedal when you apply the brakes. Apart from that once in a while it is recommended that you replace the hydraulics or the ABS modulator of your Automatic Braking System (ABS). Sometimes when you are slowing down in traffic and you have the feeling that your brake pedal is unusually low and the response of the brakes too slow, it could be a warning sign that you need to look at your brakes for filling up the air. In this article, I will give you an overview of the tools, procedure, and techniques needed on how to bleed ABS module without scanning tool.

Best 6×8 speakers 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best 6x8 speakers

Nothing can be more than dull when driving a new car with its factory installed speakers as the main entertainment unit, you never get the thrill at all. Buying high-quality speakers to replace the stock ones is a welcome idea and of course a worthy investment. There are different speaker sizes that are found in different brands,each brand with its unique features. When you think about all the brands that you have looked before picking out the best 6x8 speakers, you will realize that some brands are made to be affordable, some look at the quality of sound, and others are for specialized purposes like a brand specifically known for bass only.

Getting the right size of speakers that will serve your purpose is not an easy task. This article will make it easier for you to be able to find the best 6x8 speakers. We will highlight the features that any speaker must have and give you an idea of the best way to choose a speaker for your vehicle.

Rockford R168X2 Prime 6 x 8 Inches Full Range Coaxial Speaker, Set of 2
Rockford Fosgate - Wireless Phone Accessory - English
$37.22 - $0.01 $37.21
Pioneer TS-A6886R 6" x 8" 4-Way Speaker, Set of 1
Pioneer Electronics USA Inc - Wireless Phone Accessory
$39.97 - $0.17 $39.80
Kicker 40CS684 6x8 inch 2-Way Speakers
Kicker - Electronics
Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683 6 x 8-Inches Full Range 3-Way Speakers
Rockford Fosgate - Wireless Phone Accessory - English

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Why Does My Car Overheat When AC is on?

car overheats when ac is on

You are comfortably seated in your car probably running away from the simmering heat in order to enjoy the cool atmosphere that you would expect from the AC, you turn it on and suddenly realize that the car suddenly gets warm, by the minute. It gets into your nerves and starts wondering why your car would overheat when AC is on. You may find some comfort in the fact that you are not alone in this. You only become concerned when it starts to overheat even the Ac has been turned on for a few minutes, but when you turn it off, you get the normal room temperature.

When the problem becomes too persistent, you may have it to the extent that the seats start to be hot, you may have to ask yourself if any of the conditions below may be the reason why you are experiencing this.​

Best 6×9 speakers 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best 6x9 speakers

When buying a car took you beyond that milestone, then you may be wrong when you spot your neighbour's car with a ground shaking surround system that upsets the coolness in you. Then you look at your car audio setting and realize that everything is in order except for one thing, Bass and quality sound. You do not have to head to your neighbours to get a head start on what speakers you need, he probably read from here… and got the best 6x9 speakers.

6x9-inches car audio speaker is the most common audio enhancement system you will find in the market. You would want to have them installed on your car and have the opportunity to enjoy every ride you take. You need the dynamic sound but getting to know the one which really does the requires that you consult an expert or keep reading and see how to bypass that neighbour of yours.​

Why Car Sputters When Accelerating?

car sputters when accelerating

Engine misfiring or stumbling is a sign that your car is not getting enough power from the engine during acceleration. A car sputters when accelerating due to the fact air and fuel is not being properly mixed, therefore, forcing the car to run on unburned fuel. Another reason could be a weak transmission system that misfires when the engine experiences an extra load. A normal car reaction would be to open up the throttle upon acceleration so that the right amount of air can get in and mix with fuel for a seamless acceleration.

Best Octane Booster 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best octane booster

What you eat is what defines how we will see your body is like. Whatever you decide to put inside your car will definitely end up defining the performance and efficiency of your car’s engine. The internal moving parts of your car will operate well if their guaranteed smoothness and interactions of the constantly moving parts. Your mechanic may have told you at some point that you need an octane booster to increase the combustion rate of your engine through oil compression and detonation. Before we look at the best octane boosters that we have in the market, I will take the trouble to define what it is, what to look for when buying and take you through the top selling ones with at least four star customer reviews from amazon’s bestselling list.

104+ 10406 Octane Boost, 16 Fl. oz.
Gold Eagle - Automotive
$7.49 - $2.72 $4.77
Royal Purple 11757 Max-Boost Octane Booster and Stabilizer - 16 oz.
Royal Purple - Automotive
$13.79 - $0.49 $13.30
Lucas Oil 10026-PK12 Octane Booster - 15 oz (Pack of 12)
Lucas - Automotive
$98.28 - $16.08 $82.20

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How To Remove Water Spots From Car?

how to remove water spots from car

Water spots, they may appear to be harmless but they pose an immediate threat to the body of the car. When rain water dries off , it will leave an ugly smudge on the body of your car interfering with the paint’s gloss. Rainwater may contain chemical elements and impurity that when they come into contact with paint, it will initiate a chemical reaction that will create spots. If left for long in this state, rust may form. The quickest way to deal with this is to get a detailing spray to remove the stain and restore the damage.

This article aims to take you on a step by step method on how to remove water spots from your car using two other simple methods that if you follow correctly will remove the stain in the shortest time possible.​