Every part of your car is vital, to prove this I would start by asking you if you would be okay noticing a scratch on your rims. I am sure that will make it a bad day for you. But you do not have to worry; this is a minor dent that does not need the hand of a mechanic or an experienced driver to sort it out. A little knowledge of painting and sprucing up is all that is required for you to know how to fix scratched rims.

Looking at this problem, you will realize that it is not common the same way door scratches or even bumper scratches are. Due to its location, such scratches are almost invisible. You may be tempted to wait for the next scheduled car service and list the rim scratch removal as part of the maintenance schedule. If you have a little experience and some level of confidence in carrying out the task, then this article is for you.​


What is Needed​

  • Alloy Wheel Paint
  • Cleaning Rag or towel
  • Automotive gun spray: You will need two of them one for applying the clear coat and another for the primer
  • Scuff pad
  • Sanding Block
  • Sandpaper: Two are needed for
  • Masking tape and an old newspaper: For masking areas that should be protected from paint
  • Putty: To be used to fill up the scratch and
  • A small basin, Sponges, and Detergents for cleaning up the rim before work starts

How to Fix Scratched Rims Template

How to Fix Scratched Rims Template

Step #1: Wash the Rim​

This is undoubtedly the most crucial step that is meant to remove all fine debris or dirt that may interfere with the final coat of repair. You can use glass thinner to do the cleaning or simply apply the old school way of doing things. This involves taking soap and water and clean the scratched zone. You don’t have to clean the entire wheel or rim necessarily. Your focus should be on the dented area.

Washing rubs off the protective layer that was applied to the rim after installation. Take a clean piece of cloth and dry out the area when the cleaning is done. Leave it to dry before the next step.​

Step #1: Wash the Rim​

Step #2: Mask The Exposed Part of the Tire​

If the scratch is near the wheel lip, you will need to use the masking tape and a piece of paper from the newspaper. If the area to be masked is small, you may only use the masking tape. Masking is done to make sure that the wheel does not get painted by accident.​

Step #3: Smoothen the Area​

Scratches tend to lift of certain parts of the rim giving an uneven look. Make use of the sandpaper to rub in a back and forward motion to get a smoothened surface. Look out for sharp areas within the scratch to avoid injuring your hand.​

Step #4: Scratch Filling​

If you have a primer with you, use it to fill up the scratched area. Another alternative is to use a putty applied to a sponge. Rub the putty on the scratched surface to fill any void that may be present. Leave it to dry. This step has to be done perfectly, repeat the filling until you are satisfied with the final results.​

Use the sanding block to run it alongside the entire area that is covered with putty to clear any bumps or bulges that are left on the putty.​

Step #5: Wipe the Area​

Take a clean piece of dabbed cloth in soapy water and wipe off the dust and let it dry.

Step #6: Primer, Sanding, and Re-masking​

Get three coats of primer gently avoiding overspray into other areas of the wheel. Look out for any rough areas after every coat, if you see any hold on for 5-7 minutes sand to remove the bump then apply the primer one more time. Give it 30 minutes break and sand the area until you achieve a smooth surface.​

Step #7: Painting​

Shake the paint to get a smooth mix and an easy flow of paint when spraying. Direct the spray can nozzle to the scratch and start spraying.

NOTE: Remember that you are supposed to have a thin layer of paint. You should practice a sweeping action by swinging your hand sideways to get an even coat of paint.​

You can always use a nail polish or thinner to remove paint that spilled over to the wheel or other parts of the rim.​

Step #7: Painting

Step #8: Apply the Clear Coat​

If you are keen, you will realize that the work is almost done, but the shiny look is missing. You will apply to coats 30 minutes between each coating. The time allows for proper drying and gives time for the coat to settle evenly on the rim surface.

After the surface has dried up, sand the area until you get a smooth and a polished look. Take a clean cloth and dust off the area. Wash the wheel for the last time today.

Step #9: Remove the Masking​

You are almost done! Just remove the masking and confirm that no paint went beyond the intended areas.

That’s it, you are done, and the scratch is gone in under an hour without taking your car to the garage.

Why You should Repair Scratched Rims​


Abrasions on the wheel alloy rim expose the aluminium to the weather elements. When you leave the scratch unattended for an extended period, corrosion will take place, and this will speed up the build-up of rust, therefore, compromising the quality of the entire rim.

Safeguard your Investment​

A car like any other valuable possession needs care and protection. You may reach a point where you want to sell, trade in or even use your vehicle as collateral. Evaluators will look for the slightest dent on the car to lower its real value.

Fixing is Cheaper than Replacing​

If you leave the scratch unattended, you will have a weak rim which is at risk or bending or even cracking. When this happens the cost of replacing the rim will be more than the equipment you would need to buy and fix the scratch.


That was easy; you have no reason of not doing the same at a fee for a friend who is willing to take his car to the mechanic. One hurdle that you are likely to encounter if you are not so keen is getting a matching paint. This kind of work should not be treated as an emergency, and since it is a small aspect of the entire car, you can use this article and train yourself on a single scratch until you get it right. This may prove helpful for future repairs.

How to fix scratched rims template may not appear anywhere on your experience as a driver, but it is valuable if you know how to go about it. If you have tried fixing a scratch using this article and you still did not get it right, kindly share your challenges in the comment section, and we may be able to find an easier way out for you​

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