Ants may seem less destructive until they cause serious damage to the electrical wiring of your car. There are many ways to get rid of ants in your car. You need to know why ants have invaded your car and look for ways of getting rid of them

If you own a car the possibility of an ant infestation is not a remote thought. If you are in the habit of parking your car near trees, leaving leftover foods or soft drink bottles in your car, then your car is likely to suffer the threat caused by Ants. If a colony builds a temporary nest in your car, the nature of damage they can cause on the wiring and electrical circuitry will cost you more dollars when visiting your mechanic. Treating ants inside your car should be done as a matter of urgency before so much damage can be done.

You may have preventive measures in place to control ants infestation like regularly cleaning as well as vacuuming the car but in some instances, ants can show up when you least expect it. You need to know how to get rid of ants in your car, Here are some of steps to follow regardless of the type of ant you are fighting.

Do not be a victim of ants when you are setting up and ready to take a road trip where you should have all the time for fun and not squeamish moments.

Do not be caught in your sixes when ants are rummaging through your car which possibly adds more costs into the repair of chewed up wiring.


Things You Need

There are numerous ways at your disposal that need the most basic tools or equipments that can be found in your house even before you start thinking of heading to the garage.

Soap and Water

Pick any soap that has a good foam and mix it with water and use a sprayer bottle to apply the solution where you see a line of ants marching towards your car.

Vinegar, Lemon, Peppermint, and Boric Acid Solutions

A perfect solution to disorient the ant’s movement. Each of these three solutions can be used separately or can be mixed with water and sprayed on the ant’s trail, this overpowers the strong scent of pheromones and release so that others can follow the trail to the next food location which is definitely your car in this case.

The choice of vinegar is for those who cannot stand the strong scent of lemon. Peppermint oil has a refreshing scent that will leave your car smelling nice and ants free. Boric acid will completely get rid of ants in your car by killing them and eliminating the threat of ants completely.


When all natural methods fail to eliminate the threat of ants in your car, the next big step is to use a pesticide.

Things You Need

Vacuum Cleaner

Regular vacuum cleaning eliminates the possibilities of having food leftovers in your car thus rendering your car ants free.

Spray Bottles

Spray bottles are quite essential especially if you live in an ant habitat. The bottles are to be used to spray solutions that are mixed with water to target areas.

Things You Need

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Car

1. Move Your Car

This should be the first move to make when you see a line of ants headed to the direction of your vehicle. This is applicable if you have an alternate parking space. If moving is not an option, you will have to make sure the parking areas is cleaned up to get rid of ants.

2. Identify Food Sources

Ants moving into your car means you may be having leftovers that are attracting them towards your car. Irrespective of how clean your vehicle is, any sign of food crumbs and food packages left in there should be cleaned up as this reduces the chances of being attacked.

3. Vacuum Cleaning

Cleaning your car’s interior regularly should help you get rid of ants. Vacuum cleaning targets the hard to clean areas and upholstery. This mode of cleaning will also be helpful if you already have ants in your car because it will remove all the hidden or trapped ants found in small crevices present in your car.

3. Vacuum Cleaning

4. Clean up The Tires and Set up Traps Under the Seats

Cleaning up the tires using chemical solvents that are known to deter ants from getting into your car is a welcome idea. I would consider this the best solution since the tires are the first point of contact ants make with your vehicle on their way in. Another reason for using this method would be because of the little needed to do this and probably the cost involved in tire cleaning, compared to cleaning up the whole car.

The seats form a special hiding place for ants as they wait for you to drop food crumbs. You can set traps below the seats. A trap could be in the form of a box with food crumbs laced with Vinegar, Lemon, Peppermint, and Boric Acid Solutions which will attract the ants inside your car in one location which makes it easier for you to cleanup.

4. Clean up The Tires and Set up Traps Under the Seats

Other Available Options

When the natural methods fail you, no need to worry but take on the available chemical solutions that are home-made or sourced from the shops.

1. Soap and Water Solution

Mix water with a dish soap solution to get enough foam in a spraying bottle. Follow the ant’s trail and spray it on them to suffocate them. This will eliminate the threat of ants although for a short while. This method works effectively for killing ants that have made their way to your car but not the entire nest.

2. Vinegar, Lemon, and Peppermint Oil

The three can be used independently or mixed with a little amount of water. They work by disorienting the ant’s trail. Ants communicate by releasing pheromones which tell the entire colony what trail to follow when a food source has been located.

The advantage of using these three scents is their effectiveness and the nice scent it leaves behind. They are effective when sprayed properly in all corners inside your car. If you are averse to the strong lemon scent you do not have to worry because the scent is not permanent and will start fading after a few hours or days.

3. Boric Powder / Acid

This acid does not have harmful effects when it comes into contact with your body. It is made up of natural compounds that are quite effective in eliminating ants that have found a home inside your car. When ants get into contact with the boric acid, it poisons and kills them by drying the exoskeleton. This should make it easier to clean after. When used in powder form you can sprinkle in areas that are already ant infested or in likely hideouts such as windowsills, and baseboards.

Boric powder or acid should be placed far away from children and cannot be placed near food.

4. Get a Pesticide Bomb

This is an effective solution for eliminating ants in your car before they create a permanent nest in there. The idea is to set off the pesticide bomb and make sure all the windows are rolled up and doors closed for 3-4 hours. This method is quite effective when used as a quick remedy to remove ants in your car that may have been hidden in small corners and cracks. You may need to do a thorough clean up after using this method to remove the remaining ant remnants.

5. Cayenne Pepper and Citrus Peels

You can sprinkle cayenne pepper into the areas that you have spotted ants in your vehicle. This method will instantly kill the ants and prevent others from entering your car. Citrus peels can be mixed with water then blended using the kitchen blender and poured into a spray bottle to be used in the affected area.

5. Cayenne Pepper and Citrus Peels


The art of getting rid of ants from your car is a combination of simple home remedies. Some solutions that I have not covered here include the use of chalk, table salt, wood polish, ground coffee, cucumber juice, and baby powder. The downside of using this remedies is a thorough clean up is needed.

Prevention is definitely the best way to get rid of ants in your car, therefore regular cleaning and vacuuming your car should reduce possible ant build up. Look for nearby ant nests within your yard or parking lot and either destroy the ant hill or create a barrier that will be effective enough to restrict their movement.

Above I have given short answers that will help you get rid of ants in your car within minutes, feel free to comment and share other solutions that you may have used and worked for you or get in touch with us to know more!

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