There is a possibility that your car alarm system may fail to function at some points. Several reasons that can be attributed to this failure include dead car battery, dead remote battery, damaged key, car door lock system, malfunctioning key fob system, and a damaged alarm chipboard.

Did you know that you can turn off your car alarm by either starting the car, disconnecting the battery, unlocking the car door, or having a specially designed key (fob) that can be used to trigger the off switch? You can imagine how annoying the parking lot can be when an alarm sets off with that ringing sound in the ear, how embarrassing will it be if it turns out to be your car? As the car owner, you need to know how your alarm system is triggered to work so that you know how to turn if off if when necessary.

To silence the screeching sound, you need to know the various methods on how to turn off a car alarm so that you get to enjoy the safety and function features of your alarm system.


The Tools You Need to Turn off Your Car Alarm

Some of this procedures may be straightforward for you to carry out while one or two alternatives may need the following:

  • Car’s manual documentation to fully understand the alarm system.
  • Pliers that will be used to pull out a fuse.
  • Car key fob, you will need to check the batteries if it is not working as required.
  • Code reader or scanner can be used to reset the alarm system.
  • And of course the car door key ( Some vehicles have keyless mechanisms while others may have separate keys for door and ignition).


1. Read the Alarm Manual

From the alarms manual documentation you can look on the troubleshooting page for tips on how to turn off your specific car's alarm.

2. Insert Turn and Twist Key on the Drivers Door

Use the most common available trick by inserting the key in the driver’s door and turn the key to the right twice, then twice to the left and then start the car. The next step is to turn the key into the unlock position and wait for 5 seconds before opening the door.

2. Insert Turn and Twist Key on the Drivers Door

3. Start the Car

Make an attempt to start the car by putting the key in the ignition. Many alarm systems use this as the default ‘shut off’ mechanism. This method can also be used to reset your car’s alarm system. Some vehicles may need one to leave the key in an ON position for 10-15 minutes for a complete reset.

4. Turn to Unlock the Driver’s Door Without Pulling to Open

Another method used by many is to head to the driver’s side of the car and make an attempt to use the door key to open the driver’s door, turn the key to unlock but do not release for 15-20 seconds. The alarm system will register the correct key and it will bypass the alarm.

5. Use the correct key

Some cars come with different sets of keys for different functions, for instance, your car may have a key specifically for unlocking car doors and another set fitted with a chip needed to start the car.

5. Use the correct key

6. Locate the Fuse Box

Locate the fuse box just below the steering wheel ( usually on the left side). Some cars may have several fuse boxes found in the engine compartment. Once located pull the fuse out to disconnect the circuit and shut down the alarm. I have come across cars with alarm systems installed under the hood of a car with a wire connecting it to the battery's positive terminal, but I would advise you to contact your manufacturer if you are not able to locate the fuse. Pulling the wrong fuse may not cause damage to your car especially if the fuse compartment is not labeled. You do not need to worry. All you have to do is if the one you pulled out does not turn off the system, replace and try the next fuse.

7. Pull Out the Fuse

If you can fit in pliers in the fuse box, then it should be your preferred tool to use for pulling out a fuse. Once the alarm goes off, replace the fuse and hope it resets the system. If the alarm is still on you will need to hire the services of an alarm specialist to reset the whole alarm system.

7. Pull Out the Fuse

8. Check Door Lock for Damage

Check the key lock cylinder for any damage as this will trigger an alarm. The easiest way to shut it down is to use the driver's door.

9. The Fob Key Reset

Use a key fob to unlock and lock the doors. Fob keys will initiate secure access and can be used to reset the alarm just by pressing the button, this will only work if the fob batteries are not dead.

9. The Fob Key Reset

10. Use an Alarm Code Scanner

You can enlist the services of an auto dealer or your manufacturer to help you reset the alarm code system. You can also get a scanner that you can use to reset the system yourself.

11. Disconnect Battery Terminal

When all fails, you have the last option of disconnecting the battery by unplugging the wire connected to the negative terminal. This will stop the alarm while at the same time you will not be able to start your car. Hold on for a couple of minutes before reconnecting the battery and if it does not start up, congratulations your car alarm has been reset.

11. Disconnect Battery Terminal

12. Disable the Alarm System

Finally, to completely disable an alarm saves the agony of the shrieking alarm every now and then but your car will be vulnerable to theft. I would be careful not to tamper with the alarm system unless I enlist the services of a qualified mechanic.

Overall Tips:

  • Every car has its own shut-off mechanism, please consult a professional or read the owner's manual for specifics.
  • Some alarm systems are designed to work with the car’s ignition system so before you completely reset or turn your car alarm system off consult your mechanic.
  • Before disabling the alarm, make sure you disconnect the batteries on the car.


Car’s alarm system is basically an anti-theft mechanism used to give you a peace of mind knowing very well that your car has the first level of security against theft or vandalism. I hope that this article gives you a quick line of defense when your alarm is not working properly and is causing a nuisance every time it goes off. Most of the steps I have highlighted up here are so easy that you can do them by yourself to solve your alarm problem. But if the steps take the technical angle, contact your favorite mechanic to come check the whole installation and give the correct diagnosis.

The number one reason why your car alarm will go off without a warning is when the key fob button is pressed accidentally or if the batteries are wearing out. This can lead to the default resetting of the fob sensors hence losing connection to your vehicle.

The article makes it clear on the various methods on how to turn off a car alarm, please let us know by leaving your comment and tell us if you have used any of the methods listed and what was your experience. Feel free to let your friends know about this article by tagging and sharing!

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