This is an engine designed for specific Honda models by leading engine tuning companies. A spoon engine is hand made and is considered one of the most expensive engines to own but it is reliable and offers faster speeds.

If you fancy fast cars, countless questions must have risen out of your head, and the one topping the list must be, what kind of engines do they have? Such cars have a high combustion engine power that gives that kind of performance. High-performance cars are not easy to come by that is why when you spot one on the highway, the next question should be ‘how much does that car (engine) cost?’

The technology behind such furiously fast engines that augments sharp accelerations and better performance is what is known as ‘spooning’. A spoon engine is a remodeled engine that was initially designed to fit in certain Honda race cars in order to increase their output and make them run faster.


What Makes a Spoon Engine Unique

  • The most notable descriptive feature of a spoon engine is its balanced property which simply means all the engine components (pistons, casket, and rods ) have been weighed to be within 0.01 grams. This is made possible because most of these components are ordered directly from Honda who deliver them in balanced sets.
  • The Balancing makes the spoon engine run efficiently by consuming less energy and distribute more power faster to the engine components compared to an ordinary engine.
  • The throttle is quite fast which makes the engine to have a smooth and faster rev.
  • This engine is powerful yet produces fewer vibrations contrary to expectations. It has a mounting ring that eliminates the need for using flex, therefore, reducing noise.
  • An engine that has got this level of advanced customization is able to withstand high RPM’s translating into more engine life that is an asset in the demanding racing environment.
  • A spoon engine is a trend in motorsports because of its balance, high power, durability, and the kind of comfort it gives to the driver at very high speeds.
What Makes a Spoon Engine Unique

Who Should Use a Spoon Engine

  • This high performing monster is a favorite of motorists who participate professional circuit racing that is controlled by FIA regulations and requirements which put an emphasis on engines that are effective, efficient, and made from stock parts.
  • Amateur circuit racer may also want to get the thrill of this engine as a testing ground before going pro.
  • Anyone who needs a reliable engine with so much power
Who Should Use a Spoon Engine

(Circuit Racing)

Who Shouldn’t Use this Engine

  • If you are into drag racing which requires a high powered engine with no guaranteed reliability.
  • Anyone on a tight budget or does not have the extra money to spend on this high-end engine
  • Those who are in love with high powered turbo engines should not even consider a spoon engine an option.
  • If you are the kind of a person who is never bothered by the intimacies of car components and engine design, a spoon engine could be too noisy for you.
Who Shouldn’t Use this Engine

(Drag Racing)

Power Versus Balance

The revolutionary idea behind a spoon engine is balance and reliability. You can only get high power from a spooned engine if it is designed to endure the strain of a 24-hour race. Spooning an engine should not compromise the need for comfort and reliability even when delivering high power.


Spoon engines are the real essence of racing when you are on the road revving at very high speeds. Looking at it from a different perspective this could be a thrill to high-speed lovers. Have you ever wanted to move beyond speed? then a spoon engine has been developed just for you to enjoy and elevate your emotions. If you still cannot get the idea of speed I am talking about, the movie The Fast and the Furious is a perfect illustration of what spooning can do to an ordinary engine. Back to reality, please add your views and invite your friends to share this post and we will keep you updated on new developments.

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